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Our Safari-business started quite literally on horseback…

Cecile Auersperg, a descendant from the Royal house of Habsburg from Austria and Hungary, one of the oldest Royal Houses of Europe – had already started her very successful safari-business in South Africa over a decade ago (OUT IN AFRICA ENCOUNTERS). Whilst on an outride in the Limpopo-bushveld, Therese (co-owner of Pegasus Retreats) & Cecile reminisced about the fact that members of the Habsbsurg-family believed to have been responsible for the export of Andalusian horses to the Americas from then Andalusia, being under their control.

It is a well known fact that the breed currently known as the Appaloosa – once almost facing extinction at the beginning of the 21st century – was influenced greatly by the blood of Andalusians, and with both breeds known for their tenacity, calm temperaments and hardiness in most environments – they make the ultimate trailhorse.

¬†Therese Engelbrecht, an avid nature- and history-lover herself, then mentioned to Cecile that it would be such a pity if the original bloodlines and the story behind the breeds’ preservations and link with herself would not be handed down in generations…then the two decided to do something about it:

They started a business involving all their passions: taking people to beautiful locations close to both their hearts where their families are involved in, whilst bringing clients closer to nature on only the hardiest, best preserved bloodlines for the tasks, depending on the countries they are in. Of course both ladies being Millenials, made it a top priority for the business to be echo-conscious and spread good in the world – which is exactly what Pegasus strives to do.

Both ladies are actively involved on the annual all-European and all-African trips that depart over the December- and September-breaks respectively, by way of joining the clients to share their different philosophies of life on these departures.

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